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如何做到空运速度和海运价格的运输?我们为您提供海空联运服务,为您带来最大的运输效益。您可以根据您对运输时间和价格的要求(门、机场、港口、门的任意组合)选择任何类型的服务范围,Seajet 将根据您的要求为您提供最佳的运输解决方案。结合空运的速度和海运的费率将平衡您的运输时间和金钱。Storage/demurrage at destinations

In several days before arriving your shipping goods at the destination, your consignee (recipient) should receive a notification from the ocean freight carrier's destination agent in the form of an arrival notice. Typically it will be emailed to the consignee. That's why it is so important to provide a valid email to your bill of lading. Also, they may give a phone call to the consignee. Ensure that the consignee's contact information initially provided in your booking request and transferred to your bill of lading is correct and valid.

The arrival notice should be in an official format and contain an invoice with destination (local) charges breakdown.