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磅逊 KHKOS 柬埔寨Ocean Freight Import

by LCL FCL Ocean Freight Air Freight

K Kavieng 卡维恩 PGKAV 巴布亚新几内亚 Papua New Guinea 澳新线 Australia, New Zealand
K Kawasaki 川崎 JPKAW 日本 Japan 亚洲 Asia
K Kompong Som 磅逊 KHKOS 柬埔寨 Kampuchea 亚洲 Asia
K Koper 科佩尔 SIKOP 斯洛文尼亚 Slovenia 地中海 Mediterranean Sea
K Kure 吴港 JPKUR 日本 Japan 亚洲 Asia Issuing all types of bills of lading or cargo carriage certificates, including ocean bills of lading;
• Signing agreements with a wealth of shipping companies to offer various preferential prices, with a host of advantageous routes such as the European line, the Red Sea line, the African line, the US-Canada line, the South American line, etc.).
• Designing reasonable routes and providing comprehensive service such as cargo tracking based on clients’ requirements.

Ocean Freight Import

Entrusted by customers, undertaking the whole process of Free on Board (FOB) from overseas factories to domestic factories (door to door) or handling all the business before and after the import arrival.

• Tracking ship dynamics; keeping updated with the latest news; choosing and organizing the best transportation tools and solutions.